Our Team

Debra Harrsch, President & CEO

Deb founded Brandwidth Solutions in 2005 after two decades in sales and marketing roles for science-oriented organizations. Understanding what it takes to sell into the industrial and medical gas, life sciences, software, and medical device industries, Deb shares her extensive marketing knowledge to grow clients’ leads, conversions, and bottom lines.

A graduate of Clark University, where she coaches young entrepreneurs today, Deb served in marketing leadership roles at Thermo Fisher Scientific/Informatics and METTLER TOLEDO/AutoChem, and previously worked in business development at Linde and Puritan Bennett Air Gas.

Fun Fact: I once studied classical guitar and opera.

Debra Harrsch
Peter Harrsch, PhD, CSO - Brandwidth Solutions, LLC
Peter Harrsch, PhD
Chief Science Officer

Fun Fact: Developed the first commercial SFC-MS instrument.

Charya Wickremasinghe Ph.D.
Charya Wickremasinghe, PhD
Public Relations Director

Fun Fact: I grew up on an exotic island, I have traveled to 18 countries so far, and one of my biggest accomplishments in life is a 100% win streak on Wordle.

Kathleen Beaulieu
Kathleen Beaulieu
Senior Director, Content Marketing

Fun Fact: I have ridden in the Goodyear blimp and on a tugboat.

Danielle Bourgeon
Danielle Bourgeon
Director of Creative Operations

Fun Fact: I used to be a professional ballet dancer and danced at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia – the oldest opera house in the US still used for its original purpose!

Cheryl Wilder
Cheryl Wilder
Media Director

Fun Fact: I authored “The Mommy Orphanage,” a children’s book about international adoption.

Deborah Lima - Client Success Manager - Brandwidth Solutions
Deborah Lima
Client Success Manager

I was born and raised in Brazil and I am passionate about different cultures, languages and food. I speak four languages and I'm an avid traveler who is always looking forward to my next trip!

Scott Fuhr
Scott Fuhr
Digital Marketing Manager

Fun Fact: I earned a Ducktorate Degree.

Heather Rose Project Manager Brandwidth Solutions
Heather Rose
Project Manager

Fun fact: I was on a billiards league for a few years, and still regularly play.

Headshot of Chuck Maciunas
Chuck Maciunas
Senior Designer

Fun Fact: Won a pie eating contest last year, hoping to defend my title this September.

Meg Sizemore Headshot
Meg Sizemore
Digital Content Manager

Fun Fact: I consider myself a Shark Week super fan. I've watched every seasonal week for the last 17 years. My favorite shark is the Thresher shark, but Hammerheads take a close second.

Jen Mizak
Jen Mizak
Head of Social Media

Fun Fact: I’m allergic to chocolate – yet still live happily (contrary to popular belief).

Nadine Flowers
Nadine Flowers
Creative Director

Fun Fact: I have an uncanny ability for finding four leaf clovers.

Jamie Bishop
Jamie Bishop
Marketing Strategy Adviser

Fun Fact: I live on 5 acres and spend half of the time during decent weather gardening, tending trees in a small forest and building modest landscaping projects. I spend the other half of the time in bandages. (Had a close call with a chainsaw. Jeans toast. Leg okay. Chainsaw fine.)

Brandi Williams
Brandi Williams
Client Services Associate

Fun Fact: I love to go on animal excursions and/or nature wildlife tours! Everything from swimming with dolphins to going on goat walks.

Cindy Lehman
Cindy Lehman
Executive Assistant

Fun Fact: I am NAUI certified diver, health/fitness nutrition nut who loves throwing weights around in the gym