Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing​

Scalable Science-Focused Marketing

End-to-end integrated marketing drives measurable results

Your customers and prospects do their homework before they talk to your sales team. You need to engage and nurture them, delivering the right information until they have exactly what they need to take the next step.

Integrated B2B marketing drives sales to meet your business goals and keeps your costs in check. Aren’t exceptional results with solid ROI what you’re really looking for?

We take a holistic approach to marketing

Rather than focusing on individual channels in silos, we believe that the best results occur when all aspects of your marketing campaign work together collaboratively. That means your advertising aligns with your website messaging, that content marketing and social media support your goals, as do public relations and other marketing activities.

When done well, integrated marketing helps prospects get to know you, building credibility over time.

It’s the thread that ties your marketing efforts together. Brandwidth Solutions’ expert marketers have worked in-house on marketing and sales teams like yours, so we know what you’re up against.

Maximize your marketing spend and generate results

Every integrated marketing strategy begins with your goals and an audit of your marketing assets. We identify and close content gaps in your customer’s journey. We deliver marketing campaigns across all channels – from advertising campaigns, thought leadership articles and PR, to digital channels like email newsletters, blogs, social media posts and landing pages.

Our integrated marketing solutions allow you to maximize spend and stay in budget. We leverage every piece in your marketing puzzle with consistent messaging across all touchpoints.

FPO BWS Int Mrkting

Brandwidth Solutions’ scalable integrated marketing weaves together all of our services:

  • Advertising and ad planning
  • Brand messaging and visuals
  • Content creation
  • Digital marketing
  • Events
  • Public relations
  • Social media
  • Websites

Integrating marketing amplifies activities amplifies your message, elevates your brand, and supercharges marketing results.

Power your brand with integrated marketing that delivers

Engage your audience and generate more leads with Brandwidth Solutions’ comprehensive marketing solutions.

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