A new brand gets a brand new website, designed with customers in mind




To build LGM Pharma’s all-new website, featuring a brand system designed by Brandwidth Solutions.


  • Visitors viewed 42% more pages / session
  • 70,000 page views
  • Visitors spent 10%longer on site
  • Bounce rate improved by 36.5%

* first 6 months after 2021 launch


Designed and developed a customer-focused corporate website, which included:

  • Detailed UX strategy, featuring personas and customer journey maps
  • Comprehensive information architecture and wireframes
  • End-to-end visual design and strategy-driven copywriting
  • Custom back-end development, testing and ongoing analytics

Dynamic, user-friendly website brings LGM Pharma’s all-new brand into the world

There’s a “before” and “after” moment in the story of LGM Pharma. You could say that moment came in 2020, when the global API supplier acquired a CDMO, expanding their expertise and resources to cover the pipeline of sourcing, development and commercialization of therapeutics from end to end.

Or you could say that the moment came a short time later, when Brandwidth Solutions helped LGM Pharma redefine their brand strategy with new messaging and a complete overhaul of their visual identity system.

These significant moments changed LGM Pharma internally, but to fully transition from “before” to “after,” they needed to bring along their most important stakeholders: new and prospective customers.

That was our goal with their website. Designed with their customers’ needs in mind and built from the ground up as an obsessively user-friendly port of call for anyone seeking a trusted, end-to-end partner in the development of high-quality therapeutics, this site is the real signal of LGM Pharma’s new beginning—and the engine that will help to carry the company and its customers into the future.

Under the hood of a premium, customer-focused brand vehicle

Our main goal for the new website was to build a welcoming and responsive online resource for LGM Pharma’s customers, where they can easily find the answers they need and take steps toward their goals with as little friction as possible.

To make that happen, we began with a detailed user experience phase and then moved into design and development with a few top priorities guiding the way:

  • Customers should find meaningful content exactly where they expect it to be.

We integrated a widget designed to sync LGM’s blog with their API Sourcing, CDMO Services, and Analytical Services pages. Each time a content creator uploads and tags a new blog post, the site’s backend functionality automatically feeds that post onto the appropriate service pages. As a result, customers are more likely to stumble across content that’s relevant and useful.

  • Customers should have an easy way to find the APIs they’re looking for.

An intuitive search bar with autocomplete functionality helps customers explore LGM Pharma’s extensive database of high-quality APIs quickly and accurately by name or CAS number. A prominent contact link gives the rare customer who is unable to find their API a convenient pathway for reaching out and solving their challenge.

  • Customers should feel understood and supported at every point in their journey.

As the main platform for promoting the company’s new brand and engaging customers with its comprehensive services, the website has to help LGM Pharma meet customers’ needs, even as those needs change over time. To do that, we created a tailored data and analytics studio, giving our client an in-depth look at how people are using their site, what those site visitors are looking for, and where LGM Pharma might strategically invest in more or different content.