Video Production: Purisys

Video tour gives real feel for CDMO capabilities and expertise




Use video to give prospects a virtual facility tour and “feel” for Purisys without traveling to Georgia – but enticing a future visit and business.


This API CDMO kept pace with its business forecasts by inviting prospects to virtually tour its innovation center and manufacturing facility during the height of pandemic lockdowns – and beyond.


Video production:

  • Messaging and storyboarding for tour of 17,000-square-foot, 3-lab facility
  • Filmed during Covid pandemic lockdown; provided virtual video direction
  • Film editing and voice over

How to show capabilities when traveling to your site isn’t feasible? Video for “real feel” virtual tour

Like everywhere else, the Covid-19 pandemic brought visits to Purisys’ 17,000-square-foot innovation center and manufacturing facility in Georgia to a standstill. But customers of contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) like to see what they’re buying when they partner.

Determined to keep pace with business projections, Purisys turned to its marketing partner, Brandwidth Solutions, for ideas to nurture prospects who wanted to visit, but couldn’t. No one – other than Purisys employees – was allowed to enter the manufacturing facility, not even a professional video team.

That didn’t deter Brandwidth Solutions. Following its protocol, Brandwidth met virtually with Purisys leaders to understand the flow of the facility and what was of most importance to prospects.

Much overlooked but critical to a video’s success is its messaging – what do you want to say? What do you need viewers to remember most? Brandwidth Solutions and its video production partner, MultiVision Digital, spend a lot of time on messaging because that’s what drives the visuals.

“Getting clarity and agreement on the messaging helped Purisys to understand what the video would sound and look like before we started shooting,” says Robert Weiss, president of MultiVision Digital. “Our planning and storyboarding helps the client plan for the shoot and areas we’d focus on, which helps save time in production and post-production.”

All of this was done, of course, virtually. Pre-production meetings and virtual facility walk-throughs helped everyone envision the flow of the tour and action shots for B-roll.

Working with Purisys to outline the video and create a storyboard, we created a messaging framework that walked viewers through key parts of the facility. While the tour was not scripted (to avoid robotic reading), talking points were developed and virtual coaching provided during the filming. This ensures all the high points are included, while making the video feel as though Josh Hoerner, Purisys’ general manager, is taking you on a live facility tour.

Purisys uses this video in all its marketing to prospects:

  • On its website as a high-level introduction to the company
  • As a precursor to an in-person visit
  • For lead-generation and tradeshow follow up

As one prospect commented, the video is a “nice facility overview” that gives customers important insight into Purisys’ capabilities.