Social Media: Neuland Labs

Social media campaign raises global profile of India-based CMO




To position Neuland Labs as a sought-after manufacturing partner in US, EU and Japanese markets.


  • 10 years in partnership with Brandwidth Solutions
  • 25% increase in website traffic*
  • 80+% follower growth on LinkedIn each year*
  • 70+% of total new followers are from target markets*

* Over the most recent two years



To popularize an API CMO in the global market, we gave them a voice in the worldwide pharma conversation

When India-based Neuland Labs approached Brandwidth Solutions 10 years ago, the contract manufacturer and global supplier of APIs and peptides was grappling with a difficult challenge. Their target customers were in the EU, US and Japan, yet certain industry attitudes maintained that manufacturers from lower-cost regions were a quality risk and tended to have poor regulatory outcomes.

With a perfect compliance record and decades of experience, Neuland differed sharply from this perception. But their pedigree only mattered if people knew about it. For Neuland to continue growing, they needed to get in front of the right decision-makers, at the right time, with the right message.

A true social media pioneer

Neuland partnered with Brandwidth Solutions to build a fit-for-purpose social media strategy, with a focus on LinkedIn (a major traffic driver for CMO brands). Our work together began 10 years ago, when social media was not considered the must-have business driver it is today—but Neuland was willing to follow us into new territory. Their trust has paid off with year-over-year increases in audience engagement ever since.

Our social media strategy involved:

  • Targeted market research: We drew on our extensive pharma experience to help Neuland crystalize their position on today’s most critical industry issues, and we supplemented that knowledge with research into their specific market segments.
  • Comprehensive social media profiles: Neuland operated a legacy LinkedIn Company page. From that minimal starting point, we built out business profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and G+, as well as several Showcase pages.
  • A content calendar with tailored blog and social content: The expert content that we continue producing with Neuland is laser-focused on meaningful and relevant industry news and issues.
  • A plan for driving ROI from existing content: We curated a selection of blog posts to help Neuland create a lead-generating downloadable eBook.
  • Ongoing reporting and analytics: To make sure that both our team and our partners at Neuland Labs have the pulse on exactly what’s working and where the next opportunities lie, we provide a monthly in-depth social media report.


  • Increased website traffic:
    • 25% (Users)
    • 58% (Sessions)
    • 32% (Pageviews)
  • 36% increase in social referrals to the Neuland Labs website.
  • 4,900 website entrances from the blog, with a peak of 104 blog page views per day.
  • 80+% average follower growth on Linkedin, which generates 80% of all social traffic to the website.
  • 434% spike in Facebook likes, with each social post averaging 3.2% engagement.
  •  70+% of total new followers come from targeted regions of the U.S., E.U., and Japan, up from 5% prior to the social program launch.

*Results from 2020-2021