Two clients, two public relations success stories




To quickly adapt to pandemic restrictions through virtual events and a PR strategy tailored for engagement with online prospects.


Based on the strength of our media relationships, many Brandwidth customers trust us with their PR strategy year over year.


Our public relations offerings include:

  • Managing PR news flows
  • Writing press releases and pitching story ideas
  • Generating thought leadership articles, podcasts and video
  • Measuring impact with media reports

Public relations starts with powerful relationships

When they talk about PR, a lot of agencies talk about targeting, timing, and KPIs. These things matter—but what matters even more, and what will truly help to maximize your reach and shift your customers’ perceptions, is harder to measure.

This is how we think about public relations:

First, we are committed to our clients. We’ve been on their side of the table. We know their business, their customers, and what it takes for them to succeed.

Second, we are committed to our relationships with the press. We know which editors and reporters to call when you have a story to tell—and they always pick up, because they trust Brandwidth to deliver the content they need, on deadline and skillfully written. Best of all, these press relationships work both ways: when an editor needs industry experts for comment, they call us—and we call you onto centerstage.

Our PR strategy at work

CASCADE CHEMISTRY (acquired by Aceto in 2021)

  • A couple years into our marketing relationship, this privately owned CDMO was about to begin a $14M capital expansion.
  • Although this was a major undertaking for Cascade, it would not necessarily stand out in the eyes of national trade publications. To attract the spotlight, we’d have to tell Cascade’s story in a unique way and share it with the right editors at the right time.
  • Through our deep relationships with the press, we got Cascade’s story into every major industry outlet—and we attracted local press to the ground-breaking event.


>> From that initial buzz emerged multiple articles and thought leadership opportunities.
>> An emergent Cascade Chemistry became an acquisition target, enabling the company to achieve its objectives of growth and investment to better serve clients.
>> Cascade’s acquirer, Aceto, brought in Brandwidth Solutions as its PR and marketing agency of record.


  • Already a recognized global leader in modern laboratory informatics solutions, LabVantage Solutions worked closely with Brandwidth to generate leads by focusing on three priority areas: data integrity, digital transformation, and cybersecurity.
  • Our strategy involved a full-court press of thought leadership content, supported by a strategic PR news flow to earn high-profile media coverage in those priority areas.


>> More than a dozen contributed articles in publications from AZO Network and Biopharmaceutical International to Instrument Business Outlook and Technology Networks
>> Speaking engagements at tradeshows
>> Podcasts with LCGC, Pharmaceutical Technology, Technology Networks
>> Eight press releases in 2021, with virtual press conference at Pittcon 2021t