Pandemic Pivot: LabVantage

Navigating the changing face of face-to-face tradeshows




To quickly adapt to pandemic restrictions with virtual events and PR strategy to keep LabVantage connected with prospects online.


  • Nearly 200 leads
  • 70+ press conference registrants
  • 1100+ Google ad impressions
  • 4500+ Pittcon show daily impressions

*From Pittcon Virtual Conference & Expo 2021


For Pittcon Virtual Conference & Expo 2021:

The fix for a nixed tradeshow: An engaging virtual events strategy

For years, LabVantage has relied on Brandwidth Solutions’ event and trade show marketing services to help them connect with customers at the industry’s biggest events. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were already collaborating on an ambitious calendar of events, culminating with Pittcon Conference and Expo 2021.

This event would be a magnet for LabVantage prospects and an ideal opportunity to announce their all-new, AI-powered business intelligence solution, LabVantage Analytics, plus its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities.

Then came Pittcon’s pivot to a virtual program in response to pandemic restrictions. To keep prospects engaged—and to get their new solutions in front of the right audience, with the right message—LabVantage would have to pivot, too. And we knew just how to make that happen.

More than just an online booth

In close collaboration with event vendors, the Brandwidth Solutions team worked fast to design a customized virtual booth that would engage prospects in a meaningful way while generating and maximizing value for the LabVantage team. We took advantage of online capabilities to feature rich, interactive multimedia while using realistic avatars and a live chat window to approximate real-world interactions as closely as possible.

We customized LabVantage’s virtual booth and filled it with content – creating two new explainer videos for LabVantage Analytics and SaaS, plus brochures, white papers, and case studies.

A pixel-powered launch for LabVantage Analytics

As part of our virtual events strategy for LabVantage, we arranged an online press conference at Pittcon, giving LabVantage a digital platform from which to announce the launch of their new analytics solution, plus two other offerings.

We leveraged our deep relationships with trade publications to encourage broad attendance at the virtual press conference — gaining 73 media registrants. Having crafted their launch messaging, we then ensured that editors had all the information they needed to report the launch accurately and compellingly. This included three press releases on LabVantage’s launches and a LabVantage media kit made available from Pittcon’s virtual press room.

We followed up with personal touches to our network of engaged press outlets.

Attendee awareness

Brandwidth Solutions didn’t rely solely on Pittcon’s marketing efforts to move attendees online. We worked hard to let LabVantage prospects know about the virtual event. This included petitioning Pittcon and Google to allow LabVantage to reference the show in our Google Display ads, earning over 1100 impressions. The show’s daily publication garnered 4500+ impressions. Between advertising, social media and pre-show emails, LabVantage gained nearly 200 leads from virtual Pittcon.


  • Nearly 200 leads
  • 70+ press conference registrants
  • 1100+ Google ad impressions
  • 4500+ Pittcon show daily impressions