Leveraging LeadInsites™ for near real-time insights and transparency for better ROI




To speed and aggregate measurement and reporting on marketing activities to near real-time, maximizing ROI while optimizing marketing decisions.


Confidence in marketing results and spend, based on daily-updated data, translating into global alignment of marketing efforts.


  • LeadInsites™ marketing analytics platform, aggregating:
  • Marketing automation (Marketo)
  • Paid media (Google ads, LinkedIn ads, etc.)
  • Organic and paid social (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
  • Website analytics (G4)
  • Third-party publications and programs

Finally – a transparent way to prove marketing ROI

As a world-leading global provider of laboratory informatics software, LabVantage’s marketing reached a new phase: how to prove ROI for its expansive, integrated marketing and translate that into new global deployment.

Brandwidth Solutions had been providing extensive, detailed quarterly marketing reports, but LabVantage’s new chief growth officer was looking to share positive results faster – and to be able to dig deeper into the data behind the marketing metrics. As a single, customized platform providing access to all LabVantage’s marketing data, LeadInsites™ more than met the CGO’s requirements.

With LeadInsites, the CGO was able to change the conversation with the CEO and board by proving the effectiveness of marketing investments in near real-time. This built credibility as the company shifted to global deployment of consistent marketing messages and assets.

Validating marketing

Whether exporting LeadInsites’ visualizations into his board reports, or logging into the platform in real time while discussing strategy with the CEO, the CGO – who leads marketing – can immediately validate marketing effectiveness with up-to-date information from the plethora of marketing data sources.

This includes insights into where from around the world leads reside and which white papers are being consumed the most; how many leads one webinar topic delivered vs. another; how many demo requests are new and how many have been nurtured; and how LabVantage’s new website is performing – NOW, without the lag time of manual aggregate reporting.

Time-saving in two ways

Not only is updated marketing data available in near real-time for data consumers, it takes just minutes – instead of hours – for data producers to compile these results for ease of reporting and decision-making. LabVantage’s leadership, including its board, has immediate access to the latest data to make decisions. And the people who previously spent weeks building reports and researching results across various data sources now use LeadInsites to create custom reporting graphics in just minutes.

LeadInsites securely pulls data from LabVantage’s marketing automation system, digital ad platforms, web analytics, and more to paint an easily digested picture of the health of its marketing efforts. Today, the company uses LeadInsites to drill into its leads by country, by publication, or social media channel; to understand which email was most effective in a campaign; or how LinkedIn ads compare, including cost, to Google ads in a given period.

As LabVantage approaches its marketing from a global as well as regional perspective, LeadInsites provides updated feedback on what’s working – and where. The marketing analytics platform will be invaluable when the company introduces its new ad campaign, targeting a broader range of prospects than ever before. It has already proven its value in terms of time-savings and insights provided for everyone from marketing coordinators to the C-suite.