Expert-led webinar generates 1,000+ new leads for pioneering diagnostics company




To generate qualified leads through an expert-led live webinar.


  • 1,100+ registrants
  • 600+ attendees
  • Zero drop-offs over full 90-minute webinar


KOL webinar: The right lead-generation strategy for a healthcare niche

Fujirebio Diagnostics operates in an industry known for the push and pull of rapid innovation and slow-moving, detail-oriented sales cycles. So when they set out to promote and build awareness around their procalcitonin (PCT) testing assay for detecting sepsis, they knew two things:

  1. They would have to communicate extensive research from industry leaders on the link between PCT testing and sepsis in a way that would sustain buyers’ interest,
  2. They needed Brandwidth Solutions’ help to do it.

Our strategy’s cornerstone was an education-based webinar and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) slide deck, built with our strategic partner Medical Minds Inc.

Rather than promoting Fujirebio’s testing assay directly, we offered the webinar’s audience a window into the diagnostic case for using PCT testing to detect sepsis. We recruited three key opinion leaders to interpret and supplement this research, and to make it relevant for the audience through a lively on-screen discussion.


  • 1,000+ sign-ups
  • 600+ attendees
  • Zero drop-offs over course of 90-minute live webinar
  • We followed up with a post-engagement conversion strategy aimed at maximizing Fujirebio’s ROI.

Innovative science draws customers to webinar

We attracted target prospects to this webinar with the promise of scientific content presented by industry experts. To reach those prospects, we collaborated with a third-party publisher focused on lab directors, and we supplemented that publisher’s built-in audience with invitations to infectious disease doctors and clinical pharmacists—also a key target.

A successful post-event engagement plan followed the live event, offering all registrants access to an executive summary of the webinar, a white paper, and FAQ.

Fujirebio comes back to Brandwidth Solutions for more

On the shoulders of their successful PCT webinar, Fujirebio has partnered with us for a similar campaign, this time focused on Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers and the future of neurodegeneration diagnostics.