The secret to 300+ qualified leads per month? Integrated marketing




To maximize marketing ROI and continuously feed the LabVantage sales funnel with qualified leads.


300+ new qualified leads per month and 55 requests for demo in a single recent quarter.

An integrated approach to get more from every marketing dollar

What LabVantage Solutions needs from their marketing spend is not more brand awareness—they’re already among the world’s leading LIMS providers. No, what they need is a smart and reliable way to turn that awareness into specific, qualified leads. They need a continuous flow of engaged prospects who are downloading their thought leadership content and requesting their product demos.

As a long-standing extension of LabVantage’s marketing team, we understand how to deliver those qualified leads while moving prospects through the Aware, Consider, and Buy journey. We know who their target customer is and how to earn and sustain that customer’s attention. The answer does not lie in standalone ads or one-off blog posts—it lies in the strategic intersection of elements, each of which helps a prospect move smoothly from curiosity to a click.

We started with content that matters to prospects

For integrated campaigns to generate continuous results, they need to offer prospects a useful and relevant reward in exchange for their contact information. So we began by working with LabVantage to identify three thematic areas that matter deeply to their target audience—areas that LabVantage could own as thought leaders:

Data integrity
Digital transformation

We collaborated with their subject matter experts to develop gated, downloadable white papers, case studies, videos, podcasts, and other meaningful content in these three areas. Once we had the resources that LabVantage’s prospects were looking for, our next step was to give those prospects the tools to find them.

We built integrated marketing programs to drive customers in the right direction

Integrated marketing greatly extends every dollar spent on advertising. Whether they see a Google display ad, read a thought leadership article, press release, or blog post, or click on a LinkedIn post, prospects see the true LabVantage, represented consistently and expertly across all platforms.

While we do version campaign assets to resonate with the variety of industries LabVantage serves, each asset ladders up to a harmonized message, helping prospects build a unified picture of LabVantage as a reliable and digital-savvy partner.

In other words, when it comes to LabVantage’s marketing, the left hand and the right hand are conducting from the same score, bringing prospects in with a theme that matters to them. This deep integration extends across multiple channels, including:

Public Relations: We leverage our relationships with trade editors to gain sustained media exposure for LabVantage, including article placements, news coverage, podcasts, and videos.

Advertising: Campaign ads in trade publications share a consistent look and feel but are versioned to target a specific audience, helping them stand out from the noise and attract valuable clicks. Google Display ads are retargeted to engage prospects where they are online.

Digital marketing: Automated email campaigns and complementary digital marketing elements help nurture qualified leads with regularly scheduled touches.

Landing pages: We create purpose-built campaign pages to give prospects a consistent experience between the ad, email, or other marketing channel that drew them in and the thought leadership content they’re after.

Social media: Earned and sponsored social posts help position LabVantage as an online conversation-driver, with recognized authority in their three key focus areas, industries served, laboratory informatics, and product roadmap.

Events: Tradeshows are an opportunity to integrate LabVantage’s online campaigning with their real-world interactions. We design their booths, negotiate speaking engagements, and develop post-show engagement strategies that sync with other campaign elements. 

Nurture emails: Our integrated approach doesn’t end when a lead completes a form. We keep that lead engaged with new, repurposed, and cross-pollinated content, further extending the value of LabVantage’s marketing spend.

Website:  On average, LabVantage has between 19,000-30,000 site visitors per month, driving their brand awareness, lead generation, and requests for demo. Leads are only counted when a prospect fills out a form.

We continuously measure and adapt

We closely monitor how every integrated campaign element performs, making strategic continuously micro-adjustments to maximize LabVantage’s marketing ROI and pull in as many qualified leads as possible.


In the most recent quarter, our integrated marketing campaigns generated:

  • 1,649 qualified leads (+43% over previous quarter)
  • 55 requests for demo (resulting in three six-figure opportunities)
  • 19,000 website visits per month
  • 4.23% engagement on LinkedIn (approximately 3% higher than industry average)
  • Three articles featuring company leadership