A vibrant new brand introduces expanded, customer-centric company




To present the ‘new’ LGM Pharma to customers following a strategic acquisition.


“Our new brand has some heavy lifting to do. It needs to bring along our existing API sourcing relationships while building demand for our new CDMO capabilities. Fortunately, the Brandwidth Solutions team thrives on heavy lifting. The brand they crafted for us directly supports our mission of empowering clients through end-to-end smart partnerships. It’s exactly what we needed to get from where we were to where we are today…and to take us where we’re going next.”

~ Prasad Raje, CEO, LGM Pharma


Developed a comprehensive brand system, including:

  • Analysis of competitive position
  • Vision, mission, and core value proposition
  • Messaging platform and brand pillars
  • Visual identity system and guidelines for future use
  • Online activation through all-new company website

Two companies become one

What do you do when your company, already well-established in its field, becomes something new? That’s the question that faced global API sourcing and distribution company LGM Pharma.

It was 2020, and they had just acquired Nexgen Pharma, whose contract drug development and manufacturing service had a decades-long reputation for quality. Together, the two companies created a streamlined pathway for pharma and biotech customers looking to accelerate their journey to market.

The LGM Pharma of pre-acquisition days no longer existed—instead, a comprehensive, customer-focused new LGM had arrived.

So what did they do? They called on Brandwidth Solutions to undertake a full-scale strategic rebranding exercise.

A dynamic brand designed to bring partners together

We had two priorities in mind when we set out to introduce the new LGM Pharma to the world.

  1. Their new brand needed to pay homage to the company’s legacy. LGM Pharma had spent years establishing themselves as trusted partners in the API sourcing and distribution marketplace, and they needed to bring that reputation with them into the future.
  2. Their new brand had to be much more than a look. For it to resonate with an expanded audience, LGM Pharma’s brand system would need to be grounded in the fundamentals: an all-new value proposition, supported by differentiated messaging and brand pillars that truly communicated their value. This was the work that would precede the “Wow.”

With our in-depth brand strategy as a foundation, we worked with the LGM Pharma team to articulate their vision and develop a tone of voice and visual system that would mean something to their API sourcing partners, their CDMO customers, and their own internal workforce.

LGM pharma logo

How it came together

We delivered a design system that includes a vibrant color palette, fonts, a photo library, and more, helping LGM Pharma stand out in a crowded marketplace. Their new logo suggests a molecular structure, hinting at their industry expertise while signifying a ‘coming together’ of multiple entities into a strong whole. We also developed a complementary tagline that resonates with the LGM Pharma promise on multiple levels: their relationship with suppliers of hard-to-find APIs, their acquisition of Nexgen Pharma, and—most importantly—their close and trusting partnership with customers.

From the design desk to the real world

With a strategic brand foundation to guide us and a comprehensive visual system ready for deployment, LGM Pharma asked us for help with their next big step: introducing this new brand identity to the world.

We kickstarted their brand rollout by designing, building, and delivering (ahead of schedule) an all-new, customer-centric LGM Pharma website, along with a complete identity playbook to help their team use the brand consistently and with authority across all digital and print platforms.