Content That Works As Hard As Our Clients Do




To help our clients connect with their customers and generate qualified leads. 


By strategically repurposing content across appropriate platforms, we improve our clients’ marketing ROI.


Our customized, expert-led content marketing strategies include:

  • White papers and case studies
  • Webinars, educational videos, and podcasts
  • Thought leadership articles in the press
  • An integrated marketing approach to connect audiences with content

We Grow Audiences by Maximizing Every Piece Of Content

The first law of exceptional content marketing is to ensure a good fit between the person generating the content and the subject matter. Your Brandwidth Solutions’ writer will have a PhD in chemistry or biology, or they’ll have years of experience writing in the business and science fields—or they’ll have both! The result is a content team that knows your audience, speaks your language, and tells your story in a compelling way.

The second law is to understand the value of each content piece and to maximize that value. At Brandwidth Solutions, we seek opportunities to use your content more than once while maintaining its relevance and originality for your target audience. White papers, case studies, videos, podcast interviews, sales material—the harder your content works across all of these formats, the better your marketing ROI.

Here’s how we put both laws into practice for two ambitious, long-term clients:

American Pharmaceutical Review (APR)

  • The leading review of business and technology for the pharma industry came to us with a well-established library of webinars, and a question: how could they extract more value from all of that content?
  • Brandwidth Solutions turned APR’s webinar content into educational white papers that are relevant for their audience and available for download on-demand.
  • To date, we’ve converted more than a dozen of APR’s webinars into white papers—and we’re adding more all the time.


>> By repackaging and distributing the same content across two different formats, APR and its clients get twice the value from their webinar programs.