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Social media campaign changes market perceptions for India-based CMO

In January 2012, BWS began providing social media content and management services to Neuland Labs – an India-based global supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients and contract manufacturing services.

As a foreign manufacturer with a perfect FDA track record, Neuland faced the challenge of overcoming industry perception that India-based pharma suppliers tend to have weak quality standards or regulatory track records.

The Objective

The objective of the social program was to:

  • Raise Neuland’s global visibility.
  • Reach out to the western markets where the Company almost exclusively operates with targeted content.
  • Drive global awareness of – and interest in – the brand. 

The Strategy

Starting from a position of minimal social presence (a LinkedIn Company page, with career postings only) BWS developed social profiles and a blog consistent with Company branding. The program integrated Neuland’s non-social marketing and PR efforts, including coordination with white paper releases and peer-reviewed article publication.

Other elements of the program included:

  • Comprehensive research – periodically revised – to learn about the market segment & identify specific challenges faced by key decision-makers.
  • Social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and G+, along with a personal LinkedIn profile and several Showcase pages.
  • A content calendar, with custom-written blog & social content addressing target audience issues, challenges, common questions and more.
  • Organic targeted social media posts - no paid, boosted or sponsored social posting.
  • Social pushes of news, events, webinars and curated industry sector content. 
  • Thought leadership blog posts commenting on industry issues & trends.

Results: Brand Visibility from 0 to 60

Over the last two years:

  • Increased website traffic by 25% (users), 58% (sessions) and 32% (pageviews), respectively.
  • Grew social referrals to the website 36%.
  • The blog has been responsible for over 4,900 website entrances. Blog visits reached a peak of 104 page views per day.
  • LinkedIn follower growth has averaged 80+% each year, with LinkedIn responsible for 80% of all social traffic to the website.
  • Facebook likes have grown 434%, with each social post averaging 3.2% engagement.
  • Social media followers from the targeted regions of the U.S., E.U., and Japan have accounted for 70+% of total new followers - up from 5% prior to the social program launch.
“Our Social Media program was designed to increase brand awareness and raise visibility for Neuland Labs in the U.S. & E.U. markets – where the majority of our customers operate. The Brandwidth Solutions social media team spent time developing a deep understanding of our manufacturing model and what set us apart as a global API & Peptide supplier. They continuously work to ensure social media content reflects our values, our scientific & market expertise, and our key differentiators. BWS integrates seamlessly with our team to deliver excellent, measurable results.”
Saharsh Rao Davuluri, Managing Director Neuland Labs

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