Linde North America

Reintroducing Linde to the Energy Sector

With new applications for products and technologies, Linde North America's Energy Solutions business was determined to reintroduce itself to the energy sector. Brandwidth Solutions worked with two separate marketing groups within Linde:

  • LNG to promote liquefied natural gas in oil and gas exploration and transportation
  • Oil and Gas Services to advance the use of Linde's industrial cryogenic gases as performance-enhancing alternatives to water-based fluids in hydraulic fracturing

Comprehensive campaigns

After assessing the situation and listening to Linde's goals, Brandwidth Solutions developed an integrated marketing plan focused around two new microsites within the global Linde website. To drive traffic to the LNG and Oil and Gas microsites, Brandwidth Solutions:

  • Launched a PR program, including press releases and thought-leadership articles placed with industry journals
  • Prepared two white papers for use in sales and advocacy. One explores the benefits of energizing fracturing fluids with carbon dioxide and nitrogren, the second compares performance with water-based fluids.
  • Developed sales collateral for existing and new products and services

With literature, PR and an online presence, Linde's Energy Solutions sales force is equipped with a cohesive, branded message, and engaging customers who are more aware of and open to an introduction to Linde's products and services.



Print Collateral - Oil and Gas

  • Linde Oil and Gas Services. CO2 and N2 properties
  • Renew Production of Depleted Oil Wells. CO2 Huff 'n Puff Well Stimulation Increases Oil Recovery
  • Maximize well productivity with Linde Oil and Gas Services. Energized solutions, engineering, expertise and services

Print Collateral - Liquified Natural Gas

  • Leading Change. LNG Fueling Solutions for Drilling and Completion
  • Linde LNG Transportation: Fueling Equipment Update
  • Driving Change. Linde LNG for Fleet Transportation Fuel

Print Collateral - White Papers

  • A Day in the Life of a Barrel of Water
  • The Benefits of Energized Solutions in Fracturing