Maximizing Webinar Reach and ROI

How Brandwidth Solutions gained over 1,000 high-quality leads for Fujirebio

When Fujirebio, a pioneer in in vitro diagnostics testing solutions, wanted to raise awareness of its PCT testing assay and its utility in identifying sepsis risk, the company turned to Brandwidth Solutions to plan and execute a webinar and carry out a comprehensive follow-up marketing campaign.

Though they can be costly, webinars are an effective way to convey technical information and study results, while identifying and engaging motivated prospects. In fact, Inside Sales.com’s “Optimal Lead Generation Methods” report states that 75 percent of B2B sales and marketing respondents agreed “a webinar is the best way to generate high-quality leads.” For a science-based company trying to reach a scientific audience, it is vital to engage a marketing agency with relevant insight to orchestrate the webinar planning and promotion.

Webinar Best Practices

  • Create a lead-generating webinar that serves as an educational resource for the target audience—not as a direct marketing effort by the sponsoring company
  • Deliver the right topic to the right prospects—in short, find the best host site (i.e., publications, associations) and speakers (KOLs and industry thought leaders), and obtain the best audience lists
  • Execute an engaging, informative, and value-added webinar that presents the use and efficacy of the sponsor company’s products or services from a third-party perspective
  • Maximize impact with a comprehensive follow-up plan and deliver effective post-event engagement that includes additional resources and customer touchpoints


Brandwidth Solutions developed a comprehensive strategy to plan and execute an educational, lead-generating webinar and conducted a differentiated follow-up campaign with attendees and registrants. The College of American Pathologists (CAP) was chosen as the third-party site to host the webinar. Partnering with CAP helped assure potential attendees that the event was an educational resource and not a Fujirebio product demonstration.

CAP had a high awareness among hospital laboratories, but Brandwidth Solutions, because it serves clients in healthcare, life sciences, and pharma, knew to invite clinical pharmacists and infectious disease doctors as well. Brandwidth understood that sepsis falls under a hospital’s antibiotic stewardship team, and was able to identify which lists would be the most effective to rent in order to maximize exposure to the relevant audience. This knowledge helped maximize Fujirebio’s ROI.

The webinar itself was planned and presented in a way that minimized the promotion of Fujirebio and maximized education value for attendees. Two speakers, a clinical pharmacist and an infectious disease doctor, led the event, discussing sepsis, the importance of serial PCT testing, and its utility in early identification of sepsis risk and for antibiotic stewardship.

Once the webinar was completed, a comprehensive follow-up plan provided additional engagement. Those who registered and/or attended received successive timely emails that included an executive summary and the presenters’ slides; an FAQ based on the webinar’s Q&A session; and a Fujirebio white paper on serial PCT testing and sepsis.

Brandwidth Solutions’ follow-up plan also included a drip email campaign for those who did not register for the event. Post-event strategies that engage only registrants and attendees are leaving potential leads on the table. There could be any number of reasons someone on the target list did not respond, and follow up emails offering the executive summary and links to the archived webinar can create additional, engaged leads.

Results: Quality Lead Generation and Effective Engagement

The webinar generated 1,100 registrants – new prospects for Fujirebio to follow up with, and more than 600 attended the event. Interestingly, the Q&A segment was so engaging, it caused the webinar to run 90 minutes instead of the anticipated 60—indicating not only a high level of interest in the topic, but also that Brandwidth Solutions had expertly sourced the appropriate third-party host and target audience. Despite the 30-minute extension, not one attendee left the webinar before its end.

Webinars are uniquely suited for marketing to the healthcare market, where innovations develop quickly but large amounts of technical product information and study results need to be conveyed. Unlike a low-cost, consumer product with a quick “add to cart” or “buy it now” option, diagnostic products such as Fujirebio’s require a significant amount of information be exchanged and a long customer purchasing cycle. Brandwidth Solutions excels at working with clients to identify engaging webinar topics, work with KOLs and industry leaders, and find appropriate host sites, then develop a comprehensive post-webinar engagement plan to follow up with leads and ensure maximum webinar ROI for companies in the healthcare, life sciences, and contract pharma industries.