Is Marketing Collateral Still Relevant?

Is Marketing Collateral Still Relevant? Brandwidth Solutions

When it comes to marketing, managers need to figure out the best places to invest their marketing dollars. These days many managers question whether or not they should be spending money on marketing collateral.

Is marketing collateral still relevant in this electronic world?

The answer is yes. The number one thing most people think of when they hear the term marketing collateral is that it’s just another brochure, but it’s much, much more than that.

What Qualifies as Marketing Collateral?

Marketing collateral consists of the following:

  • Brochures
  • Case Studies
  • Content Development
  • Sell Sheets
  • Tech Notes
  • White Papers

How Marketing Materials Support Your Sales Process

Having varied types of collateral not only supports your sales team, it reinforces your brand, and can even generate leads.

Sales Support

Collateral supports your sales team on multiple levels. It gives your sales team something tangible to hand to a client, and reinforces your message for sales reps. Items such as tech notes and white papers provide data support (and we know how much scientists love their data).

Marketing materials remain after the sales rep has left a sales call. This gives the potential buyer time with your product to review and come up with any follow-up questions for you.

When we’re talking B2B sales, most likely it’s not just one person making the buying decision. They need to go to their management team and get approval for the purchase. Collateral ensures your marketing message remains intact as it travels up the decision-making chain.

Reinforce Your Brand

Brand recognition is key. Collateral is part of what helps build and maintain brand image. Good marketing material will differentiate you from your competition and help you stand out. It brings your company to the forefront of your prospects’ minds and makes you memorable. You want your brand to be synonymous with certain products and/or industries, and your collateral will help you get there.

One of the misconceptions about collateral is that it’s all just sales materials. You can use collateral to strategically place you above the completion by using past successes, like case studies or current client feedback. These elements provide the tools to create your credibility in your field instead of just selling a product.

Generate Leads

This is one of the most underused functions of collateral, and ironically one of the most important. Yes, if you hand out a brochure you can hope for a phone call back, but you should think a little more digitally.

Keeping yourself relevant in an electronic world is important. The web is where you can capitalize on your collateral. On your website or even a landing page you can offer downloadable white papers or tech notes. Requiring an individual to register their email address to download these items leaves you with a new lead.

Collateral is just as important as any member of staff. It affects your bottom line and without it you’re putting yourself at risk of losing potential sales. Check out some more information on collateral here.

What are your questions about collateral?

Brandwidth Solutions serves the healthcare, life sciences, technology, and contract pharma industries. We work with companies that want to make the most of their marketing – who want their marketing empowered to help drive leads – and ultimately sales. If you want to move your product or service forward in a smart way, we want to work with you. Call us at 215.997.8575.

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