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Get Your Message Right with the Creative Brief

“What is a Creative Brief and why does my marketing department need to go through this process?” The members at the Diagnostic Marketing Association (DxMA) wanted to know the “magic” behind a successful marketing initiative. In April, I gave a talk at the DxMA Global Marketing Summit explaining the Creative Brief – what it is and how to create one.


For us at Brandwidth Solutions any successful marketing project is built using this tool.  It’s the road map that gives both internal marketing departments and external marketing partners the answers they need to produce winning product launches, advertising campaigns, or effective sell sheets.


A Creative Brief gets everyone in the company on the same page with a marketing push and identifies:

  • the target audience
  • the value you bring to your customer
  • the message you’ll use
  • your budget
  • the proper channels to use
  • any supporting information for credibility
  • how to track ROI


To learn more about how the Creative Brief can help your marketing efforts watch the video.

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