Brandwidth Solutions CEO, Debra Harrsch, Becomes President-elect at DxMA

Debra_Harrsch_BWSAs a marketing and branding professional, I am thrilled to have been voted President-elect for the DxMA.  I have been a member of The Diagnostic Marketing Association for more than six years. It is an organization I believe in very strongly and have been privileged to serve on the Board and as Vice-President of important committees such as Membership and Interactive Initiatives.

The DxMA is a special organization – it is the only member-funded professional non-profit focused specifically on the diagnostics industry. The diagnostic market is rapidly expanding. Life science tool manufacturers, POC devices and wearables are entering the marketplace, and there are questions about how the FDA will regulate these new technologies.

We concentrate on trends happening in the market, on regulatory issues and marketing techniques – both new marketing methods and those that have been re-awakened. As marketers, we have so many new tools to work with and for some tools – like social media – the FDA now has guidelines and the DxMA is a great resource.

The questions for all marketers are: how prepared are you for what is coming? And who can you turn to for answers?  The answer is simple: the DxMA, an organization answering the needs of diagnostics marketers – and I’m incredibly proud to serve and support this group.

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