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Why Editors Don’t Read Your Press Releases

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Press Releases

Press Releases

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – trade and business publication editors aren’t reading your press releases.

Yes, I know you spend good money to get your press releases published in the trade press in your industry, so this may come as a shock. But let’s be clear, while they aren’t reading your press release, they still read plenty of others that land in their email inbox each day. Some of those press releases even get editors assigned to do a more in-depth story.

So how come editors aren’t reading your press releases, but they are giving time to your competition’s information?

Well, it’s probably because you wasted the editors’ time in the past – likely on more than one occasion – and as a result they have come to expect nothing of value in PR from your company.

But how do you make sure that you’re not wasting their time? Ask yourself if your press release contains solid news.


The No-News Press Release

The biggest mistake companies make with distribution of press releases is failing to differentiate between what is a marketing message and what is news. Press releases should contain solid news and never be a substitute for marketing.

I’ve been a B2B editor for more than 20 years and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received a press release, started to read it, and then deleted it 15 seconds later – all the while thinking “they should just buy an ad.”

What type of press release elicits the ‘delete’ response?

Well, it’s usually the ones that describe an existing product’s features and goes on to describe how their product is better than their competitor’s similar product. Is that something your company should be proud of? Certainly. Is it news? Is it something a thick-skinned editor who sees 50 press releases a day is likely to send along to a reporter to dig into? No, absolutely not.


Company Celebrations Are Not News

Another example of information that is not a good fit for a press release is any company celebration. If it sounds like you are patting yourself on the back, it’s not what an editor wants to cover in their trade publication.

This includes events like celebrating your 5th anniversary in business or a ribbon-cutting ceremony on a newly-expanded warehouse. Yes, I know you bought cake and brought in employees from satellite offices. So go ahead and share that cake with your employees and celebrate. But don’t expect editors to care. They don’t.

And they don’t care for one very simple reason – these events don’t have an impact on the industry as a whole. They don’t change the competitive balance, they don’t bring a new class of product or service to the market that fills an existing void, they don’t represent moving into new geographic market, etc. In short, they are not the kind of information that might cause a reader to consider changing with whom or how they do business, or the way they do their job.


The Information Editors Do Want

Editors want information that is important to their readers. It has to matter to the industry. News should be game-changing – filling market gaps, introducing disruptive technologies and giving the industry a reason to question how they do business, or who they might want to do business with in the future.

If you have questions about your press releases, give Brandwidth Solutions a call. We’d be happy to help you sort out your PR.

We’re Dx Creative Awards Finalists!

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Dx-Awards-Banner-2016While we prefer to celebrate our customers’ wins, occasionally we do enter our client work into Marketing Award events.

The Diagnostic Marketing Association (DxMA) hosts the Dx Creative Communications Awards each year honoring the best in diagnostics and other healthcare advertising, marketing and promotional programming. This year we submitted 3 entries into the DxMA awards program and are finalists in 3 categories!

The categories in which we are finalists include:

  • In Vitro Diagnostics Service Providers for Public Relations to Drive Company & Product Awareness
  • Other Healthcare Tradeshow Materials for An Interactive Virtual Facility Tour of a Contract Manufacturing Company
  • Public Relations Campaign to Promote Results of a New Product

Brandwidth Solutions CEO, Debra Harrsch, Becomes President-elect at DxMA

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Debra_Harrsch_BWSAs a marketing and branding professional, I am thrilled to have been voted President-elect for the DxMA.  I have been a member of The Diagnostic Marketing Association for more than six years. It is an organization I believe in very strongly and have been privileged to serve on the Board and as Vice-President of important committees such as Membership and Interactive Initiatives.

The DxMA is a special organization – it is the only member-funded professional non-profit focused specifically on the diagnostics industry. The diagnostic market is rapidly expanding. Life science tool manufacturers, POC devices and wearables are entering the marketplace, and there are questions about how the FDA will regulate these new technologies.

We concentrate on trends happening in the market, on regulatory issues and marketing techniques – both new marketing methods and those that have been re-awakened. As marketers, we have so many new tools to work with and for some tools – like social media – the FDA now has guidelines and the DxMA is a great resource.

The questions for all marketers are: how prepared are you for what is coming? And who can you turn to for answers?  The answer is simple: the DxMA, an organization answering the needs of diagnostics marketers – and I’m incredibly proud to serve and support this group.

Brandwidth Solutions Takes Home the Dx Globe BUT – We Think It’s Our Clients’ Win!

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BWS_DxMA_AwardsIt is always great fun to go to award events – especially in marketing and advertising. You get to see incredible creative work in many categories. The DxMA provides a terrific venue for this at their Annual Global Summit.
While we like to spend more time doing great work for clients and less time entering awards competitions, we did submit for the 2015 Dx Globes.  As mentioned in our last post, we were a finalist in 2 categories- Campaign Brand Identity Healthcare and Online – Website IVD.  I am thrilled to report that Brandwidth Solutions won 1st place in both categories!

But what I believe is that the real “congratulations” goes to Rottendorf Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Medical Diagnostics International (MDxI).  They found great ways to communicate with their customers and allowed us the privilege of working with them!

BWS Team with MDxI Team


Brandwidth Solutions at AACC

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AACC 2015 kicks off at the George World Congress Center in Atlanta Georgia, July 26th – 30thAtlanta Georgia


Brandwidth Solutions will be exhibiting at AACC’s tradeshow, Booth 4811, as well as attending the DxMA’s AACC Seminar on July 27th.  We will also be co-hosting the DxMA Connects Event.  Here is where you can find us:

Monday, July 27, 2015

DxMA AACC Seminar on Disruptive Technologies

4:30 – 6:30 PM EDT

Atlanta Marriott Marquis | International Hall 7

265 Peachtree Center Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30303

Register here


DxMA Connects Event


Atlanta Marriott Marquis | International Hall 7

265 Peachtree Center Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30303

Register here


Tuesday July 28 through Thursday July 30th

AACC Tradeshow

Booth 4811

Learn more about putting a fresh spin on your marketing through:

  • Interactive 3D Apps to incredible product and company storytelling
  • Social Media and how will the new FDA guidelines affect you
  • How can you optimize your PR to gain brand and product recognition
  • What you can do to optimize your tradeshow and eMarketing campaigns

See you in Atlanta!


Brandwidth Solutions: Dx Creative Awards Finalists!

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Brandwidth Solutions_Finalist_DxCreative_AwardsAs a marketing firm, Brandwidth Solutions often spends time celebrating and cheering on our clients’ successes. The Diagnostic Marketing Assosiation (DxMA) takes time every year to host “the Dx Creative Communications Awards [to] honor the best of the best in diagnostics advertising, marketing and promotional programming.”

We are thrilled to announce that Brandwidth Solutions is a finalist this year for both of our entries. The entries include a brand identity for Rottendorf Pharmaceutcals Inc. (a division of Rottendorf Pharma GMBH) and a website makeover for MDxI (Market Diagnostics International).

The Project Finalists

Brand Identity

When developing a brand identity for a division of an existing company, it is critical to keep the integrity of the original company. It is also important to differentiate the new identity. Brandwidth Solutions (BWS) accomplished this by maintaining the diamond shapes of the icon Rottendorf Pharma GMBH and implementing it through their website and collateral to stand out. BWS also maintained the brand’s colors to make Rottendorf Pharmaceuticals Inc. feel relatable to Rottendorf Pharma GMBH. We also made sure to give a clean and contemporary look to Rottedorf Pharmaceuticals Inc. to make the brand’s look and image feel current and exciting.

Website Refresh

MDxI needed a website makeover modernize its web presence and become more customer-focused. One of the biggest challenges when designing a website is to visualize how your customer will interface with it—not what you think works best. By making a website more customer-centric, it will be easier for them to navigate through and find what they need in order to contact you. Along with proper navigation, it must also be visually stimulating to make your viewer want to stay on your website and click through it as well. Brandwidth Solutions achieved this by streamlining the navigation and utilizing eye-catching graphics on the webpages.

In the past Brandwidth Solutions (BWS) has won several awards, including two 1st place and a 1st & 2nd place, in the same category, awards in 2014. BWS also won awards in 2013 and 2012.

Brandwidth Solutions is very excited to be a finalist for these two awards. We work very hard to ensure that our clients’ marketing is current, effective, and creative. We like to market “outside the box,” and it is wonderful to be recognized for it!