Who We Are

When it's your budget and your brand, you want confidence that your marketing partner has the skills, expertise and experience to handle your project. Rest assured with Brandwidth Solutions. We're a team of proven professionals who are passionate about our work and yours.

BWS is a full service marketing agency that can help you with all aspects of marketing, from branding to social media to launching a new product within the life science, pharma, energy, and healthcare/diagnostic industries. At BWS, we believe in the value of exceeding our clients’ expectations. We also scale up or down depending on your project, so no matter the size or location of your company to a prompt and effective marketing outcome, committed to completing your project on time and on budget.

We assemble a team of senior level marketers to work on your project, from social media and PR experts to graphic design dynamos and content development kings. Everyone will have experience in your industry and be expert in their field.

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Kathleen Beaulieu
Jen Mizak
Cheryl Krass
Danielle Harrsch
Erika Copp